We would like to emphasize that our services can fully adapt to our partners' needs, therefore we expand and upgrade them to offer a complete crewing service.

Based on the extensive experience in crew planning and recruitment, we can guarantee reliability and high quality services to all our partners and members.
 Services that STEM Ship Management offers are the following:

    * crew planning, recruitment and manning;
    * on a single-position basis or an entire set of ship's crew.
    * full-service crew management solution on a cost or lump sum basis.
    * representation of the owners' interests in Ukraine;
    * initial interview and screening of the candidates;
    * inspection of licenses and validity of STCW certificate;
    * providing documentation and briefing for the candidates;
    * testing of English knowledge and computer skills;
    * travel arrangements (organization of trips, booking airline tickets, etc.)
    * arrangement of visa and flag state documents necessary for joining the vessel;
    * applying for visa and other required documents;
    * support in crew training and certification;
    * arranging medical and fitness examinations and certificates;
    * introductory information about Company's forms and manuals;
    * сrew administration and management accounting and payroll services; etc.

Competence is expensive, but incompetence is even more expensive.